Your pooch friend will receive extra tender loving care. We come to you to keep your pooches looking their best.  It takes only about an hour in your drive way to groom your friend.  We save you time and energy.  Our mobile grooming salon is fully self-contained unit on wheels.  The salon is equipped with a generator, water heater, air conditioner, fresh and gray water tanks and all the conveniences of a regular grooming salon.

It is the comfortable service for your pooch friend in the convenience of your drive way.  Your friend will be masterfully bathed, groomed and refreshed by an experienced professional.  One-on-one personal treatment will give your pooch friend pleasant grooming experience in familiar environment.  Your friend feels great because he or she is already at home.  Please call us to schedule an appointment for your pooch friend.

    (425)829-1999 for Sammamish Plateau Area.